Fines Recovery and Washing Systems

CDI W-915 Tracked Coarse Material Washer

Will deal with aggregate materials 0—50mm in Size. Best Used as part of a Complete Mobile Washing, Screening Plant to clean material or extract / Recover Fines.

Capacity : up to 150Tph.
Power Unit: 60KVA 3 phase Electric Gensett
Hydraulics: integrated electric/hydraulic powerpack for movement and cylinders.
CMW: Variable Angle 5.5m x 0.9m body with single spiral fitted with replaceable cast shoes/paddles.
Conveyor belt: Folding, Elevating and Slewing 6m Long with 750mm wide Chevron belt.
Steel Tracks: 3m long x 300mm wide shoes on Heavy Duty steel Chassis.
Integrated side transport shelves to transport other associated equipment and tools.
Water Consumption: 2300 Litres/Min


CDI B And F Range

The CDI  B and F ranges are designed to offer flexibility and work with our CDI ST range of screening machinery fitted with the washing equipment option. 

The CDI B Range offers an affordable entry level to sand recovery from washed aggregate with very low running and maintenance costs. All machines are designed specifically to suit each individual application but there are some standard models B3, B6T, B7 and B12 to work from.

The CDI F-Range are very advanced and offer sand processing solutions that utilize cyclone, pump and dewatering screen technology to produce specification sands and are capable of recovering all saleable sand coarser than 40 micron with high efficiency. This range maximises sand production, increasing plant capacity and reducing settling pond maintenance costs.

Many options available
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